5 reasons to work with us.


As a full-service provider in the area of web solutions, you will receive everything from one source – from consulting right up to the design, technical implementation and follow-up of your project. Your project manager will be available to help and advise you at any time.

Comprehensive team of experts

Our team consists of over 45 experienced specialists in the areas of consulting, web design, web development and project management, who complement each other perfectly during the project implementation. In addition, thanks to this strong team we implement desired requirements faster.

Over 15 years experience

Over the years we have gained lots of experience with different systems, plug-ins and partners and improved our processes in terms of project management and quality assurance to an optimum. We add over 30 000 hours of development and 100 completed projects to experience every year !

Transparent process

Right from the first minute you get access to our "CreativeDesk" project management groupware which keeps you updated on the progress of your project. You can follow the work of our developers live and intervene directly in the case of change requests in our test system.

Fair billing

Thanks to the cooperation between our offices in MunichKrakow and Rybnik we offer attractive conditions. Our people here in Munich will take care of the project management for you. The development is mainly carried out by our qualified and experienced team in Krakow.


Our team consists of over 45 experienced specialists in the areas of 

web design, web development and agile project management.

Jaromir Fojcik
Jaromir Fojcik CEO
Adam Karnowka
Adam Karnowka Team Lead Ecommerce
Krzysztof Daniel
Krzysztof Daniel CEO/CTO
Christian Bornkessel
Christian Bornkessel Project Manager
Selma Henschel
Selma Henschel Project Manager
Tomasz Kokociński
Tomasz Kokociński Art Director
Jakub Kanclerz
Jakub Kanclerz Web Developer
Marta Siewierska
Marta Siewierska Web Developer
Andrzej Tomala
Andrzej Tomala Web Developer
Jan Kraus
Jan Kraus Web Developer
Dariusz Czechowski
Dariusz Czechowski Web Developer
Marek Zabrowarny
Marek Zabrowarny Web Developer
Katarzyna Krawiec
Katarzyna Krawiec
Grzegorz Bogusz
Grzegorz Bogusz Web Developer
Agata Drobniak
Agata Drobniak
Jarosław Lewko
Jarosław Lewko Web Developer
Jerzy Fornal
Jerzy Fornal Web Developer
Kamil Kuczmera
Kamil Kuczmera Web Developer
Łukasz Majewski
Łukasz Majewski Web Developer
Maciej Borkowski
Maciej Borkowski Web Developer
Paweł Bujakowski
Paweł Bujakowski
Magda Juras
Magda Juras Software Quality Engineer
Filip Sobalski
Filip Sobalski Web Developer
Mateusz Żelek
Mateusz Żelek Graphic Designer
Agnieszka Ćwiękowska
Agnieszka Ćwiękowska Software Quality Engineer
Mariusz Starzak
Mariusz Starzak Web Developer
Michał Koczkodon
Michał Koczkodon Web Developer
Angelika Mroziewicz
Angelika Mroziewicz
Marek Jekiełek
Marek Jekiełek Scrum Master
Krzysztof Kurzydło
Krzysztof Kurzydło
Marieta Dzierżęga
Marieta Dzierżęga Web Developer
Mateusz Krzeszowiak
Mateusz Krzeszowiak Web Developer
Dariusz Matoga
Dariusz Matoga Web Developer


Certificates and rewards

Our developers are certified in multiple technologies.

360° Virtual tour

Take a virtual tour and see our office.


Specialized in the creation of complex multimedia and internet solutions, the +Pluswerk AG is working based on Open Source Software. So far, more than 999 projects have been successfully completed by teams’ expert, numerous professional publications have been published and they received multiple awards for their work.

+[6] locations in Germany +[20] years of experience +[130] internet experts +[999] reference projects realised SEE VIDEO ABOUT +PLUSWERK AG SEE +PLUSCAMP VIDEO

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