About the project

How to combine customer loyalty with creativity and entertaining activities in the best way? CEWE has already found an answer to this question – with photography competitions for social media users – and confirmed it in more than 20 countries.

CEWE is the largest company in Europe engaged in image processing. It has been present on the market since 1961 and employs more than 3,000 people. Photography competitions of different kinds attract considerable interest among amateur photographers. For the first time, we have gathered them in a single, user-friendly place – a responsive design platform. From now on, it is possible to edit images right after they have been uploaded, as well as share, assess and manage them in competitions – all this can be done in one place.




Image editing


Symfony 2, iOS, Android

Services Served:

Technical implementation of an application project, concept and design, project management


About 6 year ago, the CEWE company organized a first photography competition, based on Symfony1, under the slogan ‘Europe is beautiful’, which was dedicated to all European customers. Since then, the company has carried out over 100 highly successful competitions, during which more than 250,000 images from 25 different countries were uploaded. In individual competitions, users can share photos with a chosen theme. Photographs selected by the jury are awarded with in-kind prizes (e.g. tours, cameras or purchase vouchers).

As each of the previous competitions was presented on a separate website, soon the problem occurred of the continuous necessity to create and structure new websites. Therefore, a new platform available to competition participants on all types of end devices had to enable fast setup of a new website. In this regard, the Client expected a high quality application, which would be intuitive and would meet the highest quality requirements of CEWE.


In cooperation with our partner agency AKOM360, we designed a concept in the first place, based on the experience of the last six years.

Our Client, CEWE, was engaged at every stage of the project. This resulted, for example, in a decision to implement a suitable platform for Symfony 2.0, based on the experience with Symfony 1. After the phase of joint planning, our UX-specialists, in cooperation with our Art Director, created a customized Layout, which is currently not only optimized for all types of end devices, but also provides a much better user experience.

After uploading, users are now able to edit their photos intended for individual competitions or comment and rate their favourite photographs. In addition, the application gives its users the possibility to edit photos using filters. Therefore, the application combines the functions of image processing and sharing. The new application has become not only more user-friendly and more intuitive, but, thanks to a new administrative panel, it also allows the company to organize and conduct competitions in 25 countries - quickly, easily and with an appropriate design.

The project was supervised by the project manager Christian Bornkessel, who has managed projects for Cewe from the very beginning of cooperation with our company.



We have created a new platform for Cewe, which gathers all competitions in a clear place and creates a user-friendly environment thanks to many important functions.

The new application has a direct connection to the CEWE Intranet. It is a central panel managing competitions (wording, export and import functions) and acting as an interface combining approximately 35 domains and 25 languages. It is equipped with an option to assign roles and rights to all customers and editors in all countries. In order to make the new, responsive design also available in a mobile version, a REST-API has been prepared to be connected to native CEWE applications created for Android and iOS.


Symfony 2.0

Symfony is PHP Framework for Web applications. In this case, the purpose is a stable application in the enterprise context. It has been designed to provide a possibility of full control over the configuration. Along with other Symfony tools, it constitutes assistance for designers in testing, debugging and documenting the project.