At creativestyle, we love challenges and the Eventim Guide was inspiring for us from the very beginning. Our client, Eventim came up with an idea to create a platform which gathers all the local events in the neighbourhoods.

In simple terms let’s imagine you want to spend a weekend with your family in Berlin. You are probably not searching for anything specific; but what you want are hints abd tips. You choose the date and the place, then browse through different categories.

Let’s use the example of exhibitions. The smart search engine, shows you the categories which relate to the events taking place in the locality, and it gives you many alternative pastimes and events to check out. It asks you: 'Are you interested in the modern art exhibitions?' or 'Maybe you want to go to a children's exhibition?', make your selection and create your own activity calendar. Afterwards you can share and invite friends along if you wish to.






AngularJS, Symfony 2

Services Served:

Web Design, Front-end Development, Coding


We created an event platform, which is set to be the biggest and the most comprehensive list of concerts, theatre shows, exhibitions and other type of events in Europe. The idea is to use the user's GPS location to display different events on a electronic map under various categories that can be selected easily by the user.

The most important feature of the page is a smart search engine that guides the user through all of the available categories, based on a tag system. Eventimguide works alongside to the Eventim website. At the Eventim you can easily find what you are looking for, but on the Eventimguide site you don’t have to know what you are looking for - it just gives you the exciting options.

People have great fun when they share their experiences with someone else. The website integrates with Facebook, so user can share events or invite friends. Let’s party together!

The model allows business partners to publicise their events on the platform. We created the system so that it can enable them to upload and integrate their database with Eventimguide site easily. More to the point, the algorithm keeps track of events and multiple resits identifies situations when the same event has been posted twice and merge them into one unique event. The user should never be confused. Eventimguide enables you to choose the best offer that meets yours expectations.


The first design concept was intended to be an add-on for Eventim website. However, user tests carried out at stage showed that users regarded Eventimguide as the relaunch of Eventim, rather than as a separate website. As a result, the graphic designs were changed, Eventimguide logo no longer contains Eventim logo. The colors were changed slightly with orange tune added to make it clear that these are two separate websites.

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Design elements

We created a plaform that inspires people.







Angular, is web application framework maintained by Google, Microsoft and a community of individual developers to address challenges encountered in developing single-page applications. Angular implements the MVC pattern to separate presentation, data, and logic components. Angular brings traditionally server-side services, such as view-dependent controllers, to client-side web applications.



Symfony is a PHP framework for MVC applications. It is aimed at building robust applications in an enterprise context. It is designed to provide full control over the configuration. Symfony is bundled with additional tools to help developers test, debug and document projects.