25.000 TODO in CreativeDesk


Our groupware “CreativeDesk 2.0”, which we have programmed in Ruby on Rails as an internal project three years ago has now reached its 25.000 TODO. The task is the integration of Magento and ERP of Fulfillment Dienstleisters Z.MD GmbH and was implemented by our CTO Mr. Karnowka.

On average, our strong team processes 33 TODOs every day. During nearly 95,000 working hours, which are tracked to the minute and billed by the system we consumed about 20,000 cups of coffee. There are also numerous tasks that are implemented outside CreativeDesk directly to our customers. Apart from that, there is over 100 small and large projects per year, we complete and bring online.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their trust in us and we look forward to the next 25,000. We also hope to start working on CreativeDesk in SaaS version soon and be able to provide it to our partners and other companies .

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