5 most creative exhibitors at 2014 eCommerce Poland Trade Fair

Which way is the wind blowing in the world of Polish e-commerce? On October 22, eCommerce Poland Trade Fair took place at the National Stadium in Warsaw. Among exhibitors, there were mainly agencies involved in creating online stores, hosting services providers, as well as companies engaged in 3D photography, offering tools for e-mailing campaigns and monitoring of the Internet.

In our opinion, most of 121 exhibitors presented interesting ideas; therefore, as we always appreciate creativity, we wish to describe some of them in our blog.

RUCH parcel – the parcel system based on RUCH kiosks showed the whole process of sending a package in a very interesting way. Those who were interested could choose their parcel: something creative, something practical, something salty or something for a kid. They went with their box to the stand where they gave their contact data and received a printed consignment note. Having stuck it on the parcel, they took the package to a RUCH kiosk and sent it. At 3 p.m. senders got a text message informing them they had received a parcel. Then they collected their surprise. The idea was fairly interesting and noteworthy.

Nazwa.pl focused on social media. At a small stand, one could take a photo with a slogan cloud I’m e-commerce man or other catchwords related to e-commerce. Although the concept of sharing was not very innovative, the idea stood out from other stands.

MegiTeam offers e-commerce cloud hosting. What can a cloud be associated with? Grass, dreams, and … candyfloss! E-commerce managers with pink and fluffy candyfloss on sticks looked really cool. Congratulations to the one, who came up with the idea!

Lubasz & Partners Law Office approached the subject in a very professional way and decided to educate their clients. An educational game in which players answer questions related to various areas of law such as corporate law, labour law and consumer law is truly initiative. Moreover, everyone who wins gets the game! We appreciate this very competent and professional team!

Atman operates in the field of telecommunications and Web hosting. At their stand, they placed a plastic box and a basket of keys next to it. You pull out a key and try to unlock the box; if you fail, you receive a golf ball, but if you are among the winners, you get a mini-golf set. We managed to bring back such a set from the Fair 🙂

For those interested in the subject, we recommend a book published on the occasion of the Fair. In the book, you can also find a few words about the creativestyle agency!