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Smashing Conference has already become a part of our professional life at creativestyle. This edition was unique – it was the first one to take place in Los Angeles, the city of angels, surfers, Hollywood celebrities, old Porsche and the world’s most beautiful beaches. Unique not only because of that.


We had a great pleasure to show a presentation on “Happy little discoveries in the checkout process” during the Jam Session Smashing Conference. The presentation was addressed to designers and developers.


Two days of the conference were filled with amazing people and very interesting presentations. The one by Aaron Draplina – “Tall tales from a large man” was welcomed with great enthusiasm. He talked about how to find inspiration for contemporary graphic design, how to impress and appreciate customers. He spoke about extremely interesting things, his own experiences and projects. Thing, that drew attention of the audience, was the way he spoke. It was so enthusiastic and impossible to forget.


Another speech, definitely worth mentioning, was the one by Zeno Rocha. He showed some tricks for real time face recognition, tracking and color detection. All of it based on the HTML5 specification. He showed us how to create that kind of magic while really enjoying himself presenting what can be done in algorithms inside browser environment.


Peter Smart, who also had a speech in Freiburg last year, this time talked about the future of the Internet. He presented how we should prepare for it. The Internet has only 8 500 days of history and it had a gigantic impact on our lives, work and education. Peter talked about what we can expect in the next 8 500 days.


Patty Toland talked about topic that has been popular for a long time now – Responsive Design, but in a new way. She summarized everything that has been said while bringing a fresh look at certain things related to the topic of Responsive Design.


The event took place at the Casa del Mar in Santa Monica, a very beautiful place where we were spending every break eating watermelon and strawberries in chocolate. As usual, the organizers made sure networking to be the main attraction. On our first day, we had the opportunity to drink cocktails and eat American ice cream in the building of historic carousel at the Santa Monica Pier.


On day two, we went to a karaoke bar, where the more courageous ones presented their vocal “talents”.


The trip to the United States could not end with the slide “Thank you” at the conference. We spent last few days of our stay on exploring the beautiful area as much as possible.


The most amazing thing is that everything in California looks like a TV series. If you know Californication, you know what we mean! Highways, old Porsches, Mustangs and Ferrari, petrol stations, roadside motels and places where you drink coffee in the morning. The first stop was the Hollywood sign, which is possible to see from the Griffin Park. Afterwards, we took the highway to Malibu to have breakfast at the restaurant on the pier, watching surfers and the lagoon. Beverly Hills made a big impression on us. Everyone feels like a star there. Especially after you have drunk champagne on Via Rodeo.


If you’ve seen Mulholland Drive, I’m sure you will envy us on having the possibility to see Mulholland sunset and the entire LA downtown.


The west coast is an amazing place, Los Angeles impresses with its beaches, the ocean, the sun, but also with the attitude of people and their openness. Walk for morning coffee, sunsets on the beach, wine in a restaurant over the ocean – we will all miss it for a long time! We also miss all the people we met and had such a good time!




Not only at such time, but especially in such moments, we love our work!

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