“Checkout by Amazon” extension


creativestyle GmbH has become an official partner of Amazon Payments and has created the ability to quickly and easily integrate the payment solution “Checkout by Amazon” in a Magento online store. The easiest way to integrate this payment solution is to integrate an existing extension. We have developed the official extension for Magento.
“Checkout by Amazon” button in the shop gives your customers the option of safe and convenient shopping in their online store without having to enter shipping and billing information. This results in several advantages for both consumers and retailers.

Benefits for retailers

  • Increase in sales: average value of the order is 10-17% higher
  • Customer acquisition: Up to 90% of customers using Amazon Payments are new customers. Potential of about 164 million Amazon customers worldwide
  • Low cost & less bad debts: No start or subscription charges; reduction of defaults

Benefits for customers

  • Safe: Payment information will not be pass on
  • Quick & easy: Shipping and payment data is available immediately
  • Reliable: security of the transaction; A-to-Z Guarantee
  • Familiar payment environment


To integrate the extension “Checkout by Amazon”, retailers should first register with Amazon Payments and set up a “Checkout by Amazon” account (seller account). After verifying the data through Amazon Payments, the account is activated, and the integration of the extension can be started. We ship the extension together with a detailed documentation.

Currently the extension is in beta phase and is compatible for Magento online stores (versions 1.4, 1.5, 1.6) and the following system requirements: cURL for PHP DOM / XML for PHP as well as a valid SSL certificate. More upgrades and releases will be announced here.

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