creativestyle on the Smashing Conference in San Francisco

What a city, what an event! Last months, the three of us, of the office in  Munich and in Cracow, flew to San Francisco. A conference called the Smashing Conference was held there. On Tuesday, April the 4-th, the Smashing Conference was commenced in the Corral Theater. Directly over the Pacific Ocean, with a view of the  Golden Gate bridge and Alcatraz, a rich program was prepared, including lectures touching the frontend design problems – starting from the design and its implementation, up to HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Except of the numerous, earlier announced lecturers, there appeared, as during each SmashingConf, the appreciated Mystery Speaker; this time, it was Mr. Jason Fried, the founder of Basecamp.


The Internet shop performance optimization problem is still exciting

Ms. Patty Toland, a popular lecturer on the SmashingConfs, expressed her opinion on the challenges concerning the web performance. In her speech, during which she asked “What we talk about when we talk about web performance”, she sketched a serious problem, namely: the various Internet link throughput values. In the global formulation, they differ one from another. The one who makes its way towards the  Progressive Enhancement, may win a lot. In this method, it is endeavored after the Internet page structure which is as simple, as possible, It may even happen that the Java Script will not be needed. However, if a better infrastructure is available, then additional functions may be uploaded on the page.

Mr. Ilya Grigorik emphasized, also, the essence of the performance for websites, in particular, in the case of the e-commerce. A major potential may be offered here by the HTTP/2 protocol, introduced lately. How to gain a shorter loading time, e.g. through parallel loading of files, was explained by Ilya in his lecture “Yesterday’s perf best-practices are today’s HTTP/2 anti-patterns”.


Culture and structure of enterprises

Besides the technical knowledge, each lecture made it possible to look behind the scenes of the lecturers’ firms. Mr. Jason Fried as  the Mystery Speaker, the founder of Basecamp, in addition to giving his lecture, answered also the questions. Thus, it could be learned that Basecamp is a company wherein the remote work was forced, mainly. The employees meet each other in the office a few times per year, only. Even more, Mr. Jason Fried explained why the solutions of the Enterprise class for big enterprises are still missing.

In addition, Mr. Dan Mall, an Internet page designer, explained, in his lecture: “Proper Etiquette for the advancement of design” that, in the every-day work and during defining the design goals, the OKR (Objecitves and Key Results) method is often reached. We, in the creativestyle, reach OKR also and inspire other people with our training courses of the OKR scope.


We remain  faithful to Smashing Conf

Our travel to San Francisco enriched us at a high extent. All movies can also be found on Vimeo. Many of them, such as e.g. those on OKR and performance improvement, showed us that we had done a proper choice and acquainted with important international topics. Besides the main part of the conference, the conference accompanying events proved to be interesting also, including those organized during evenings. The Smashing Conf conference in San Francisco was not our first conference and, for sure, it will not be the last one. To be continued.