creativestyle participates in Design Thinking Week in Krakow

The Design Thinking Week is taking place in Krakow and 10 other cities in Poland. The opening conference gathered people in Google office yesterday, where the basics of the method were presented.

Design Thinking was developed in the 80’ at Stanford University in California and one of the most important founders is David M Kelley, who wanted to revolutionize the relationship between client and designer. According to the idea, product or service designing should be based on the deep understanding of the recipient’s needs.

While the first association lead to the usage of the method in product designing, it can be implemented in almost every field of life.

During the conference, Karolina Perrin talked in an interesting way about the use of Design Thinking in designing the exhibition in Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw and the Salt Mine in Wieliczka. Joanna Zabawa proved that the method can be implemented successfully while organizing the space, in her case it was the Cracovian Embassy. You will surely be surprised that the organization of the conference can be based on the fundamentals of Design Thinking as well – it was presented by the organizers of Tedx Krakow.

The method consists of five following steps:

  1. Empathize – the step of trying to walk in the user’s shoes
  2. Define – the step of identifying the problem to be solved
  3. Ideate – the step of generating ideas to solve the problem
  4. Prototype – the step of creating prototypes
  5. Test – the step of testing different solutions



Each of the steps will be presented more precisely during the workshops, which will take place from 21st till 24th October.

Of course, we are participating, full of ideas and inspirations and we will be implementing the method in the new project that we are working on soon. Stay tuned!