The direction of PayPal and Magento integration – Warsaw 2014

Last Monday, we had a great opportunity to participate in Magento Meetup – meeting of key Magento agencies in Poland. The idea for the meeting came from Kuba Zwoliński, Snowdog agency. The main directions of Magento development and it’s integration with PayPal payment system have been presented and discussed during the event. An interesting issue, which was mentioned on Monday, is the PayPal contest for partner agencies. The ones, which will participate in the contest “The Best Checkout Experience” will have an opportunity of winning the title of the best PayPal partner agency 2014. Creativestyle will certainly register one of recent projects!

The meeting was also an excellent opportunity to exchange experience between Polish agencies Magento. Coopetition – a skillful combination of cooperation and competition to be the flywheel of Magento development in Poland.