Free Magento-config-monitor extension from creativestyle

 We’re happy to release free Magento-config-monitor extension, which registers all modifications made within ‘Configuration’ section. As a result, it is possible to track down any changes made by developers, merchants or webshop staff.  You can see who, when and what has been changed in a webshop settings. It is especially useful for debugging!


One of options to install free Magento-config-monitor extension is as follows – it can be downloaded from github and then uploaded on the server (

For more advanced users, we recommend free Magento-config-monitor extension with the use of composer.

Attention! We assume you’re already familiar with use of composer for Magento projects, if not – please check this excellent post.

To install the extension  with the use of composer,  our Magento Module Repository with extensions must be added to own composer.json – just add:
"repositories": [{
"type":     "composer",

Then, the following command must be performed in the command line:
php composer.phar require creativestyle/config-monitor dev-master

More creativestyle extensions soon!