The Inspiring Conference 2014 – after

Let’s stick to the facts!

The Inspiring Conference 2014, which took place in Kolbemoor is an international TYPO3 Flow and TYPO3 NEOS event. Its goal is to keep the participants up-to-date with the latest IT-trends by learning from experts.

The schedule during the two days of the event was quite busy. Our team members had an opportunity to listen to many speakers, who have already gained a lot of experience within the topic of TYPO3 Flow and TYPO3 NEOS and wanted to share it with others.

The laser show … Déjà vu?

We are glad that the creativestyle representatives were different than the ones in Oxford, because once again the participants of the conference witnessed a laser show. Luckily, they enjoyed it a lot and considered as a great idea for welcoming. See the show for yourself …

It seems like there is a new trend when it comes to the IT conferences. We are hoping for a little competition!

Best speeches were …

Domain Event – the hidden gem of DDD /  CQRS!=Event Sourcing

Both of our team members – Jerzy and Piotr agreed that one of the most interesting presentations was the one based on kindergarten management system. The speaker – Henrik Møller Rasmussen presented the right approach to Domain Driven Design. The listeners found out how CQRS was implemented in the system and how it works so far.


The second really good presentation by the same speaker was about psychological ways of occupying the attention of the user in order to cover the long loading time. Good job Henrik!

Worth mentioning

During the conference a very important issue was brought up – the framework speed. Marco Klawonn presented how to speed up the framework with use of HHVM – the PHP to C++ compiler. The advantage of this solution is definitely big improvement of performance and the disadvantage is that some hacks are needed in Flow and Doctrine core to use this solution and a result is not stable enough to use it in production environment.

Last but not least… the breaks

We have to admit that the laser show, as well as the catering and the party on Friday evening (night) were a great way of entertaining the participants between the speeches.


To sum up, we are happy we participated in the event. We received update on TYPO3 Flow and TYPO3 NEOS and had fun during these two days.