Magento integration with the SARE system

We are pleased to present an extension which integrates Magento with e-mail marketing system SARE. Integration makes it possible not only to automatically synchronize Magento subscribers in SARE, but also to update the purchase details. This enables more personalized communication with people who – for example – did not buy anything in the last 30 days, as well as sending offer for supplementary products to people who have recently bought a particular product (for example – discount offer for iPad cover can be sent to people who have recently purchased an iPad). There are numerous possibilities.

The extension is available in MagentoConnect and on github – extension is open source.

We will present you examples of use, implemented integrations and creative ideas for email marketing using SARE and Magento – the best tools for the efficient and automated e-mail marketing.

We invite you to read the help files: