Let’s meet the winners of Awwwards 2014, Paris !

The Awwwards Conference 2014, which lasted two days, took place over a week ago in Paris. Three representatives of our team – Jaromir Fojcik, CEO creativestyle GmbH; Selma Henschel, Project Manager; Tomasz Kokociński, Art Director, participated in this unusual event.

In the beginning of our stay, we were pleasantly surprised with the hotel where we were staying. It was located in the city center and it was like an old Parisian café. Unfortunately, the conference took place during Valentine’s Day weekend and, therefore, Paris was even more overwhelmed with love.

On the run to Awwwards 2014 …

There was an Interview with Jaromirem Fojcikiem, CEO creativestyle GmbH in the very early Thursday morning (13.02.2014). It was conducted and recorded by Awwwards.com. After the interview, we went straight to the Awwwards 2014 opening.

Interview with Jaromir Fojcik - Awwwards 2014 in Paris

‘Love Days’ Awwwards conference began with a presentation conducted by Stephanie Troeth on Thursday afternoon. Her speech about passionmotivated us to love our work and what we do. Later she was also our host and guided us through the conference.


During Awwwards 2014, we participated in numerous inspiring presentations. In our opinion, the most interesting ones were Hello Monday! and Ultranoir. Our Project Manager was especially delighted with the first one. A representative of the Danish agency – Jakob Kahlen, talked about selected projects and methods used during the entire process. ‘I was very impressed with their excellent work in projects for Greenpeace , Diesel and Bang & Olufsen’, says Selma Henschel. Speaking of the best speeches, you can’t forget about Anonymous & we are from L.A., who spoke about the process of creating the world’s first 24 – hour music video using the song Happy by Pharrell Williams.

The winner is …

The award ceremony for the website of the year took place on the first day of the conference. At times, it felt like the Oscar ceremony. Every participant had own, signed place and the whole atmosphere was quite official. Who turned out to be the winner? The Anonymous agency mentioned earlier, which was the first to introduce 24-hour music video. They did a great job. Congratulations!


Bye, bye Love Days

We are pleased that we took part in such a great conference. Attractive programme and great organization are key elements of a successful event. Apart from that, we also had a chance to get to know the agencies from around the world – starting from Europe to South America, and discuss interesting topics related to our branch.

Paris, Paris …

Except evening walks in Paris, we arrived at the Musée d’Orsay just before departure. Our short visit was also very inspiring for us.



Every aspect of our stay in Paris was a very exciting experience. We left highly motivated to create new projects and implement the ideas which we  gathered during the „Love Days” Awwwards 2014.

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