Magento – conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate in e-Commerce is defined as the ratio between visitors who are prospective buyers and completed purchases. The purpose of activities is to constantly improve conversion. This can be achieved in different ways by:

  • improving usability (use-friendly interface)
  • faster load time
  • professional products’ presentation
  • enabling giving reviews and comments
  • improving ordering and purchasing process

After our relaunch which included redesign von based on Magento, the conversion rate has been doubled. It means that the number of purchases has been twice as much as before with the same number of visitors.

The conversion can be measured with solutions such as Google Analytics or econda. It is possible to observe exactly what kind of influnce each change has on your online shop, by conducting A/B  Tests. With this free Google Website Optimizer you have alternatives for your website that you can compare.

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