Magento – Performance with Varnish cache

It is said that a negative feature of Magento is Performance. The fact is, that Magento is not one of the fastest web solutions with all of its extensive functions and possibilities. It is still possible to improve its performance and load times. How to do it?

At the beginning of the year, a new Web accelerator – Varnish Cache will be introduced during the Symfony 2 Conference in Paris. Varnish supersedes previous Caching System in Symfony 2 and is used in known from web projects such as facebook. We have also considered to use Varnish for Magento and programmed an extension for this purpose. We have installed it in one of our projects –, which is run on a Standard Managed Server. First results can be seen and they accelerate the load times for generating HTML source codes.

Magento without Varnish Cache (load time 2.20 seconds)

Magento – Performance mit Varnish Cache

Magento with Varnish Cache (load time 0,072 seconds)

Magento mit Varnish Cache

How is this Magento performance improvement possible? By the first call of the website, the output is placed in Varnish Cache and loaded from the cache when reloaded. Request doesn’t even get through Magento application, but is absorbed by Varnish Proxy. In addition, lifetime of Cache can be configurated or deactivated for particular URLs (e.g. basket, customer’s information etc.)

In next few weeks, Magento – Varnish Extension will be completed and free for customers’ disposal. Following features will be new in the extension:

  • possibility to de- / activate Caches
  • configuration of URLs, that should not react to Cache
  • Loading of dynamic elements such as the shopping cart by ESI or AJAX
  • Combine and compress JS and CSS files
  • Resetting Cache for processed products

In case you want to improve your Magento Performance, please contact us.