Magento Roadshow about ebay, x.commerce, …

The Magento Roadshow event was held last Friday in Munich. We attended the event to learn the news, especially the ones related to Magento being acquired by eBay and X.commerce.


Magento Roadshow

Some customers are not sure of how Magento will look like in the future. They have assured us that Magento will be developing normally as before. The open source free version-license of Magento will continue to exist and develop. Demand for Magento has even increased because of the acquisition of ebay and bid with Magento Go, Magento Mobile Magento Developer Certificates have expanded. Magento2 is currently under development and should be completed by mid to late 2012.

Current numbers:

  • Over 3 million downloads
  • About 110,000 Distributor
  • $ 25 billion in transactions annually
  • Over 500,000 community members and forum posts
  • About 5,000 Extensions

What are the advantages that now offers Magento as part of X.commerce?

We strongly believe that in one of the next major Magento updates  default link will be implemented on ebay.

Since PayPal is also a part of the platform, it will be possible through PayPal Express. In order to complete the checkout process you simply enter your PayPal credentials. A similar function, which you already know from Facebook Connect.