We were there! meet.js in Poznan, September 2014

This time around, the lucky city that had the opportunity to host one of the best front-end conferences was Poznań. So, on September 27th, we paid a visit to the University of Social Sciences and Humanities. Already at the outset, the organisers pleasantly surprised all the participants with a small gift – socks featuring the conference logo.

Visitors had the choice of two presentation paths and unfortunately we missed the welcome address where small changes in the conference schedule were announced, resulting in that we missed one of the best lectures. Schedules placed on the back of name tags were a great help. During the breaks, you could visit the chill room, watch demonstrations of drones and relax. Interesting conferences, which we checked out:

grunt vs gulp

Finally, the difference between Gulp and Grunt was explained in simple words. Many examples were taken from everyday life, so it was easy to assess which one will be better for the job. Differences between these two task managers were presented very well.

Games like in  old days


Another interesting lecture was the presentation by Krzysztof Jankowski, who tried to share his fascination with retro games with the participants. The lecture was inspiring as Jankowski talked about how amazing it is to create games in which the colour palette has only 16 colours. This undoubtedly works on the imagination, and furthermore it seemed incredible that in the times of highly developed consoles and out-of-this-world graphics, there are still people who are into making such games.


This was undoubtedly one of the best presentations at the conference. The possibilities offered by WebRTC were presented by Szymon Nowa, who captured the audience by presenting most of the possibilities as he talked about them, sometimes in a very funny way, for example, he called his browser from his mobile phone (maybe next time it would be a good idea to call ie6;)). We also had a small guitar concert, all this to show the possibilities and interesting ways to use WebRTC.

Lets talk about…

…front-end performance. Here we learned about how to improve performance, mainly of one-page type websites, which development tools will be helpful in achieving this
(based on the Chrome browser) and what aspects we can expect to face trying to optimise our websites or applications.

So the question is…When is the next meet.js summit? This year’s meet.js summit was one of the best events definitely worth visiting. All presentations were well supported by practical examples, the only drawback was that they were far too short, only half an hour. However, we had no problems with “catching up” with all the speakers during the break and asking them a few questions.

There was a wide range of presentations to choose from, something for everyone. We will surely visit the next js summit conference, wherever it will be held.