Pay with Amazon “Advanced Payment APIs”

A free-of-charge extension is now available for your online Magento store. It allows customers to make payments with “Advanced Payment APIs“.

With Amazon Payments, millions of clients can pay in your Magento store using address data and payments of the Amazon customer account. It is safe and easy, and it works fast. The whole payment process is made in widgets in your online store – without redirecting to another website.

Opportunity: extended possibilities, greater turnover
It can help the store administrator to conclude transactions with clients who would generally abandon shopping in a given store due to the complicated sign-in and payment procedures. Moreover, it takes advantage of the Amazon protection against payment errors and fraud attempts.

Payment process and optimised process for mobile devices
A payment made through Amazon with the use of “Advanced Payment APIs” constitutes a payment process. As a seller, you just transfer the payment, and once the authorization is made, you receive from Amazon Payments your client’s delivery address and email address to execute the order. The “Advanced Payment APIs” function has been optimised accordingly so that it could be used with mobile devices, as well.

Technical data
To enable Amazon Payments in your store, you need a valid Amazon Advanced Payments account for Magento store that meets the following technical requirements:

–          Magento 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8

–          cURL dla PHP

–          DOM / XML dla PHP-          DOM / XML dla PHP

Additional technical details and all information on the extension offered can be found in our technical documentation at

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