#pluscamp2015 deserves a big plus!

Another barcamp of the Pluswerk group has gone by. This year, the whole event took place in a beautiful German city of Cologne. The event included almost 100 people. To summarize the weekend it was all about knowledge exchange, networking and discussing the direction of changes in the Pluswerk group. Want to know more about #pluscamp2015? Read below. 

[+] Presentations

During the conference, we took part in many presentations on web development, web design, marketing, sales and other areas of Pluswerk activity. Unfortunately, it was impossible to participate in all of the speeches. We chose a few of the presentations we liked best among the ones we did see.

  • Creating concepts with Wireframes by Javier Salas – anders und sehr
    Javier in a very clear way presented Balsamiq Mockaps as a tool he uses daily in creating and planning projects. He presented the first conceptual phase, during which he creates mockups of pages and functionalities together with a client. Balsamiq seems to be a powerful tool  yet easy to use at the same time. During presentation Javier has shown a way of working, in which using mockups you can very precicely define project requirements, which makes both later technical implementation and customer cooperation much easier.
  • Neos Case by Sebastian Richter and Johanes Steu – raphael
    Presentation of TYPO3 Neos based on http://dortmund-ueberrascht-dich.de/, which included introduction of the basics of building a project. Basic challenges of a project, both backend and frontent were presented. Johanes presented code saples and some nonstandard solutions used in the http://dortmund-ueberrascht-dich.de/ project. Big plus for good preparation of the slides and example used.
  • Shopware solution
    One of the presentations was on Shopware – an online sales system. We listened to reflections on how to create stories that can build bond between a customer and an online shop. Shopware offers flexible e-commerce solution, including the plugin “Emotional shopping”, which allows you to easily create stories that create and store their products in a more emotional way than simple templates. Simple backend facilitates the work of users. Shopware is a product worth trying, certainly look at him closer.
  • Writing Userstories by Christian Bülter – marit.ag
    Another interesting presentation was the one on writing userstories. Christian presented a few simple theoretical principles of creating userstories (INVEST Principle), gave practical examples of customer perspective, and finally discusses the common errors appearing in the whole process and how to resolve them. Christian presented us how to create and use in your daily work userstories a positive impact on cooperation with the customer and facilitates the work of developers.




[+] Networking and Experts Tech groups

Pluscamp was most of all opportunity to meet with other agencies from Pluswerk and exchange knowledge. The participants spent more time together, presented the achievements from previous year and learnt a little more about upcoming year and future of Pluswerk. It was great to have the time to exchange our opinions on different subjects related to our work and passion.

One of the ideas, which came up during the discussions was a group of experts, so called Experts Tech groups. Such groups could make the communication between agencies easier, which means more technical knowledge and experience would be shared. We can’t wait for the idea to develop and become real.

Another interesting idea for networking was the team game, which included discussion, during which eveyone had a possibility to share some thoughts on client cooperation, technologies used or atmosphere in the agency they work at. We have had some interesting ideas, which showed that we all have a common vision of the Pluswerk group development.


[+] Location and organization

A big plus for great organization of the Pluscamp! The event was perfect and the crew deserves a standing ovation. Cologne has turned out to be a charming city and even though the weather was not so great, we still managed to make some time for quick sightseeing tour of the city center.

We are looking forward to the next barcamp, hopefully just as good as this year or better.