+[werk] Barcamp – Cracow 2014

Usually it is our team members who visit different kind of interesting conferences all around the world. We always want to be up-to-date with the IT related news.

This time, the annual barcamp, which brings together representatives of all the agencies belonging to the +werk will take place in Krakowa on the 16th-18th May 2014. The participants will come whole Poland and Germany.

There will be a fantastic opportunity to discuss earlier selected issues related to Magento, TYPO3, Responsive Design, Mobile etc. The entire conference will be divided into a theoretical part and workshops.

An interesting attraction will also be a hackathon for the event’s participants. A couple of hours of programming and a bit of a challenge has never killed anyone, right?

There will also be delicious food and evening entertainment, which will charge the energy for another day, and give time to explore the city.

We can’t wait for May!