Responsive Checkout launched at EEC 2014 in Bilbao

We had an opportunity to launch Responsive Checkout solution at the European Ecommerce Conference in Bilbao. The 8th edition of the conference attracted hundreds of CEO’s, ecommerce managers and merchants from Europe. The main part of the conference took place on the 20th November in Palacio Euskalduna in the centre of Bilbao. The participants had an opportunity to talk with us about the solution in our promotional area and try the live demo of the product themselves. Those, who were more interested could get a 20% discount coupon on an usability audit of the checkout process in their online shop.

We were one of the speakers, next to Airbnb, Etsy, Uber, Soundcloud or Mobli. We are very happy that our presentation “Responsive Checkout. How to optimize your checkout process?” attracted a lot of attention and was warmly welcomed! The conference was a great opportunity to meet fantastic people, have inspiring discussions and share opinions.

You can watch the video and photo gallery to grasp an idea of how the EEC Bilbao looked like.