#SmashingConference – Get inspired!

Once again, we had the opportunity to participate in Smashing Conference. The autumn edition took place in Freiburg, a charming town in southern Germany, where one of the organizers comes from.

Out of all of the presentations, there were two that I was impressed with the most. The first of them was conducted by Martin Wichary and was titled “Good is the enemy of great”. It was about a man with great passion and dedication to own work, who was designing style of the links underlines on a website for 31 days. It was great to listen to this presentation and find out that there are more people in the world, who are “crazy” about what they are doing.

The second presentation really worth remembering was the one conducted by Christopher Murphy “It’s all about time”, which had a very personal tone and was inspiring. He spoke about how great it is to combine everything we love in life. What is more, I heard a sentence that should be printed and hang over everyone’s desk: “If you do what you fear most, then you can do anything.”

Smashing Conference is not just about presentations, but most of all about networking and opportunity to meet really amazing people who share your passions, and with whom you can talk about everything during morning coffee or evening beer.

At the end of the conference, all of the participants were captured by a drone. Try to find us on Twitter!