– Magento Case Study – Magento Case Study

In May 2011, sportnex GmbH asked us for a Relaunch of their official auction platform ( We were responsible for following improvements:

  • Redesign of the plattform
  • Migration to Magento Commerce
  • Modification of Magento to auction platform
  • Import of clients’ and auctions data
  • Wirecard Extension programming
  • Verbindung mit SAGE
  • Verbindung mit Logistics of Ideal Group
  • Link to Windows Software for auctions management
  • Change of Hosting Providers to Net-Build GmbH
  • Relaunch without a need to interrupt the auctions


Our intention was to keep every club from Bundesliga on the respective subsite. We used Magento extension which enables changing colours and graphics, and adjustments could easily be done. Secondly, auctions presented on the Home Page are much more visible. alte Version und neue varsion


Previous features have been programmed individually for the and were simulated in Magento 1:1 including few extentions. For this purpose, several Auction Magento Extensions were programmed by us.

Magento Commerce to Magento Auction

Functions from Magento Commerce for “Express Shopping” have been kept. Magento had to be modified and extended for auction standard features such as  Bidding agent or Follow the auction.

Import of customers’ and auctions data

In order to enable smooth continued prospering after Relaunch, previous data have been migrated to Magento Datenbank. It has been done after developing Migrations Script, which has been started at night of Relaunch.

Wirecard Extension

Previous Wirecard Extension for credit card payments had to be extended so that automated payments are possible. We are constantly in contact with Wirecard and planning to publish official extention in the future.

Verbindung mit SAGE

In order to synchronise SAGE with products and inventory data, our WaWi Extension was implemented.

Verbindung mit Ideal Group

The Ideal Group is a service provider that takes care of storage, packaging and shipping of products that have been ordered.  These orders are transferred via SAGE to the Ideal Group.

Auctions Manager

When it comes to interface for Windows Software which is responsible for planning of auctions, new auctions and photos of products will be automatically imported and registered in Magento. The process monitors the plausability of products and stock data.

Change of provider

In order to achieve optimal performance, we have changed Magento Hosting to our partner Net-Build GmbH. We have created and configurated a Cluster consisting of Loadbalancer, Web servers und DB-Servers. For optimal Configuration we rely on our experience from previous Magento Shops.


After only 3 months, the relaunch was performed on 16/17 th August 2011 . Current data was registered, the DNS was switched on and Tests have been conducted for few hours. The next morning, the users were able to submit new bids without a failure.