Symfony2 Conference in Paris

Symfony 2 Konferenz in Paris

We have just returned from the Symfony Live Conference in Paris and want to present a brief overview of the new features of the PHP frameworks.

It can be said that Symfony2 by Fabien Potencier has been completely rewritten and Symfony developers have to adapt to some changes, backward compatibility is not given. The new framework is not finished yet, but a release can be expected soon. Documentation will be made  after completion. Symfony2 will be available in several distribution ways, which will be adapted to the needs of the developers. The “Standard Edition” can be downloaded on the new relaunch of website and has a web installer which looks like WordPress, which of all newbies was started to facilitate the framework.

Key features in Symfony2:

  • a slim directory structure which can be customized
  • the ORM “Propel” is be replaced by  “Doctrine 2”
  • introduction of new template system called “Twig” which was also developed by SensioLabs
  • a new form builder for creating forms
  • an advanced configuration allows the setting of routings in action
  • a New Authentication and Authorization Layer allows, with a simple configuration, comprehensive assignment
  • the performance of Symfony2 is particularly important to the developers of this framework. This was primarily carried out by using HTTP caches and support of Varnish cache

A reference project, which is already developed with Symfony2 is the well-known bulletin board “phpBB” in version 4. This is a completely new development, with special emphasis on safety and performance.

Symfony 2 Konferenz in Paris

Is it already recommended to develop projects with Symfony2? Discussing this matter with other developers, we have learned that due to the completion of the framework, there will be surface changes in the framework, which lead to problems and force the developers to constant adjustments in the web application with them. We therefore recommend the final release to be seen.

In conclusion, Symfony including the innovations and large community will expand its position on the market and we look forward to our first project based on Symfony2.