After +[werk] Barcamp 2014 in Cracow

60 people from 2 countries and 10 cities have spent a whole weekend in 1 location – Cracow!

A while ago, we have had an opportunity of hosting a developing event as barcamp. All the agencies, which are part of a innovative group as +[werk] have gathered in Cracow this year.
The whole conference has been even more exciting this year, because of two new agencies ( and netresearch) which have joined +[werk] group not such a long time and a new CEO – Patrick Lobacher.

Welcome! We are happy to have you!

What’s the fuss?

The main goal of the barcamp conference has been a desire of exchanging experiences about TYPO3, Magento and Open Source Software (OSS) solutions as we put huge impact on improving our theoretical and practical knowledge. It is good to gather all the professionals from +[werk].

What’s the plan? 

During the whole weekend, we have scheduled different kind of presentations and workshops related to Responsive Design, SEO, Magento, NEOS etc., but in the meantime the participants had so many matters they were interested in, that we have dedicated a seperate board to write them down and not forget about anything.  This is what you call passion!

Various presentations and lively discussions have taken place the whole day, every day during the barcamp weekend. What many people liked was the natural speeches which were only a proof of huge amount of knowledge that the presenters have had and could share.

“During +[werk] Barcamp 2014, I had an opportunity to share my experience and thoughts on Responsive Web Design. I talked about many aspects of RWD including strategy, design and technological aspects & solutions. This served a fresher approach to stuff which have already been know by my listeners, delivered them a spark of inspiration and a guideline on how to develop and implement new, user friendly responsive websites. Aside from my presentation, we discussed interesting ideas like use of Flexbox, best practices in customizing & extending Bootstrap and implementing component approach in UI design & development. Overall, I have got very positive feelings about this year’s barkamp. It was a good way to exchange knowledge, but also to share & spend good time together.”

— Jan Kraus, Senior Frontend Developer

“I am satisfied with our barcamp 2014 and because we could be host of such event. Thanks to good organization, the participants could easily focus on the most important things during the meeting – sharing the knowledge and experience with eachother. It was also a good idea to plan the time after the day meetings together. We had a dinner organized in a different place each day and what I liked the most about it is that our guests could have had a bite of Polish cuisine. I have to say that +[werk] Barcamp is getting more interesting every year. I am very curious what is going to happen next year!”

— Jaromir Fojcik, CEO creativestyle GmbH

Keep calm and enjoy your dinner!

Every participant of the +[werk] Barcamp 2014 has deserved a proper, delicious meal to bring the energy back. For that reason and to make it more differentiated, we have organized theme dinners – Italian Night, Polish Night and Summer Night. The last one wasn’t reminding that much of a summer day, because of the weather, but the warm atmosphere has made it much more fun.

Let’s not forget about The Vegan Menu – a challenge that we have faced during the dinners’ planning. We wished everyone’s stomach to be satisfied. Uff…We made it!


+[werk] just wanna have fun.

With the positive vibes that we have received during the day, we just couldn’t get enough. After the Friday’s dinner we have decided to continue the evening in one of the clubs in Cracow. When walking to the place, we were truly amazed with the crowds on the Market Square. Groups of people in every age were creating magical atmosphere. The walk through the centre was also an opportunity to do a bit of sightseeing.

Back to real life…

All the things come to an end, so does +[werk] Barcamp. Luckily, we have all managed with the last presentations and discussions on Sunday. A nice surprise was also the Cracovian Marathon which was taking place in the neighbourhood of our office and all the participants could observe.

This has been another successful event that has taken place in creativestyle’s walls. When is the next one? 🙂






For photo gallery go here.